Family Law

The information in this website is by necessity brief and general. It is provided to give an overview for information purposes only, and should not be viewed as legal advice. Independent legal advice should be obtained prior to commencing or continuing a court file or out of court dispute resolution. There are time limits in family law. Do not delay starting your claim. Do not delay responding to a claim.

Parenting Arrangements
Decisions around parenting time, and who makes decisions concerning a child’s care can be difficult after separation. There is a wide range of possible arrangements that parents can agree or the court will impose.

Child Support
The Federal Child Support Guidelines are usually the starting point concerning the amount of child support that is payable. The type of income a parent earns may change the amount of child support that is payable.

Spousal Support
The Federal Spousal Support Guidelines suggest ranges in the amount and duration of spousal support in a variety of situations.

Division of Property and Debt
The division of family property and debt can be difficult during and after separation. Some property may be excluded from property division. There are many ways that spouses can agree to divide family property and debt, or the court will impose.

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